Paper Recycling Initiative

GAIA in partnership with Tetra Pak International and Ace Recycling has embarked on a new paper recycling initiative. The project encourages citizens to recycle paper and Tetra Pak packages by depositing their paper waste, i.e. white and coloured office paper, newspaper, envelopes, cereal boxes, books and magazines and Tetra Paks (milk and juice cartons) into designated Ace Recycling bins that have been strategically placed in various locations across the country.

The project aims to place 30 bins nationwide. At the moment, bins are currently open for public use at Blue Range, Diego Martin, Queen’s Royal College, Haleland Park, Santa Cruz Green Market and Ace Recycling at O’meara Industrial Estate, Arima.

Recyclables Collection Area at the Santa Cruz Green Market

All paper should be clean and dry, then placed into a transparent bag and securely tied before depositing into an Ace Recycling bin near you. When preparing your Tetra Pak packages for recycling, the following steps should be followed:

– If the Tetra Pak has a straw, e.g. juice box, push straw into pack
– Cut open the pack
– Rinse out the pack
– Flatten the pack
– Deposit into a transparent bag
– Securely tie the bag
– Drop-off at Ace Recycling bin


Ace Recycling Bin for Paper

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