Sustainability choices

Sustainability is not about limiting choice, it is about creating new ones which support the planet, profitability and people. Almost all major car manufacturers have options which are responsible, some are even listed by Forbes Magazine as being in the top ten most sustainable companies in the world. Many are available here in Trinidad and Tobago and will be showcased at the upcoming Sustainable Business Expo!automobile

Specialized Corporate Sector Sustainability Training for the 21st Century

gaia corporate training

Everyone talks about understanding Climate Change and wants to do something, but gets stuck before taking action. The private sector has a pivotal role in Trinidad and Tobago to lead sustainability, not only to enjoy the benefits to them, but also to help steer the Country into the 21st Century.

These courses are geared towards management and leadership, but can be altered to fit any organizational need. The main goal is to change the way we think about sustainable development and the necessity now in the 21st Century for action which becomes part of our lives.

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